Star Wars: 10 tips for attending Star Wars Celebration

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Tip No. 10: Charge everything

You have a phone, a tablet, a portable hot spot. Make sure they’re all charged. Nothing is worse than realizing halfway through the show you’re almost out of juice.

Make sure everything is charged the night before you head out and also charge up before you head out in the morning.

Also, bring a portable charging station with you so that when you do start running low on your cell phone battery, you don’t have to scramble to find a corner of the show that has an electric outlet that someone else didn’t already claim.

With a portable charger – which you need to make sure is also charged before you head out – you can charge your items while you’re walking around Star Wars Celebration and don’t have to worry about missing your place in line or snagging that exclusive item that you had your eye on.

Just charge up and go.

Do you really want to be that person that puts their convention experience on hold because they’re sitting along a wall charging their phone? Think of all the other things that you could be doing in that moment while your friends are getting autographs, taking pictures with amazing cosplayers or without needing the latest updates on Twitter from across the hall.

Have plenty of juice for your electronics.

And if you do run out of battery, try going without it for a little while. You might find that you didn’t even miss it.

Next. Let’s give Jar Jar Binks a hearty welcome at Star Wars Celebration. dark

If you’re going to Star Wars Celebration, here are 10 tips for you to make it a great experience. What other tips do you have for those going to Celebration. Share them in the comments.