Star Wars: 10 tips for attending Star Wars Celebration

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ORLANDO, FL – APRIL 14: John Boyega and Daisy Ridley attends the Star Wars Celebration day 02 on April 14, 2017 in Orlando, Florida. (Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images)

Tip No. 5 Be flexible

Even with all this talk about planning ahead and mapping routes and panels, be flexible. Your schedule should be more of a guide than a hard and fast rule.

Because everything and anything could happen.

You might get shut out of a panel or a booth could be running low on an exclusive you wanted to pick up, so you have to change your schedule and head over to something earlier than anticipated. The same could be said if you’re waiting in line and it takes longer than expected.

While these things can throw a wrench in your planning, it’s important to remain flexible and go with the flow. You may not get a chance to do everything you wanted at Star Wars Celebration, but stick to the most important items on your list and allow yourself some extra time to play catch up if needed.

Who knows? You might even meet some new friends while at Celebration and want to take an extra long lunch getting to know your new Star Wars buddies. And that’s OK.

There’s so much to do at Star Wars Celebration, you just don’t need to do it all. Consult your plan, following it as best as you could and if you stray from it because something else came along, so be it.

Star Wars Celebration is meant to be fun and you should do everything you can to enjoy that experience.