Taika Waititi won’t only direct The Mandalorian, but voice a character too


Director Taika Waititi lends his voice to an upcoming droid in the Star Wars live-action series The Mandalorian.

Looks like Taika Waititi is doing more than directing an episode of The Mandalorian.

The Thor: Ragnorak director is also lending his voice to a character in the upcoming live-action Star Wars series.

Jon Favreau recently posted a photo of Waititi in a voice booth with a video of a droid similar to the bounty hunter Ig-88. Favreau didn’t offer any context other than the Instagram image, which leads us to imagine all the possibilities.

While it doesn’t seem to be IG-88, that droid and series first appeared in The Empire Strikes Back.

However, this leads me to believe that this droid’s role won’t be a big one in The Mandalorian, not that we were expecting that anyway. We don’t know how long the series is either, but even it’s short – say, 10 episodes – that’s still a considerable amount of dialogue someone would have to record if they were featured in all 10.

Like some of the other characters Favreau has teased us with, IG-88 – which he featured here — is probably just a love letter to long time fans. Favreau being a huge Star Wars fan himself, will likely throw in a bunch of Easter Eggs that we’ll all be fishing for once the series premieres on Disney+.

This is just another a little tease on Favreau’s part – and at this point we’ll take anything since Disney has been tightlipped about anything to do with The Mandalorian.

Good news is ahead though. There is a panel for The Mandalorian scheduled for Star Wars Celebration, so we’ll finally get more insight into the upcoming show.

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The Mandalorian is expected to stream later this on Disney+