Star Wars comics: Doctor Aphra No. 30 review: Cry happy


Doctor Aphra and Triple-Zero find themselves still stranded on Milvayne, still bound by the threat of death, and still encountering every possible threat along the way.

She’s clever. She’s desperate. And she may have just tried to do something good for once, which has unsurprisingly led to something terrible.

That’s right. Doctor Aphra is back, and she’s in serious trouble. Again.

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Spoilers incoming for Doctor Aphra No. 30 — you have been warned!

You know it’s going to be a bad day — again — when you wake up surrounded by stormtroopers. Especially when you’re waking up after having crash-landed in the very place you’ve been trying so desperately to escape from.

Thankfully, activating a seismic pulse from Triple-Zero’s brain — affecting everyone except the droid — is all Aphra needs to do to eliminate that threat. But it’s not the last the two will encounter.

Unfortunately, the pulse also incapacitates Aphra, leaving her legs temporarily useless (don’t worry — that becomes important later). But it did give Trip the chance to access a live holo feed proving once and for all that Tolvan! Is! Alive!!!

Cue the Aphra tears. Such rare sights in these panels. All because of a droid programmed for killing.

She has to return the favor somehow, right? Now that the love of her life is alive thanks to the machine that has always wanted her dead, she really has no reason NOT to decrypt the data card that holds the rest of Trip’s memories.

What could go wrong?

Aphra successfully activates Trip’s entire backlog of memories — only to lead to the discovery that the droid wasn’t created with the purpose to kill after all. He was made by accident, determined too dangerous to be kept operational.

Perhaps slightly overloaded with access to every memory he has ever experienced all the way back to his creation, Triple-Zero decides he’s going to go “for a walk.”

Away from Aphra.

Who still can’t feel her legs.

Those proximity bombs are preparing to activate, and — at least as far as we can tell — Aphra is completely helpless to stop death from finally owning her.

As usual, just when things start getting good for our protagonist, they suddenly take a turn for the very, very bad. Which is terrible for her, but great for us, because this is one of the most frustrating cliffhangers I’ve encountered in a comic so far and I am all here for it.

Keep them coming, Spurrier. Don’t leave us in suspense for too long.

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Issue No. 30 of Doctor Aphra is available now. The next issue comes out of hyperspace on April 10.