The Star Wars reference you may have missed in Zoolander


Star Wars references and quotes are nearly everywhere in films. One reference was used for comedic purposes in the 2001 film, Zoolander.

For those who may not have seen Zoolander, the film revolves around male model Derek Zoolander played by Ben Stiller and how his life is turned upside down upon losing Male Model of the Year to his competitor Hansel played by Owen Wilson.

Throughout the film, crazy situations ensue from Derek trying to find himself to discovering a secret plot that involves the male modeling industry. Not to mention the crass humor constantly focuses on the assumption that male models are extremely unintelligent. Doesn’t quite sound like the kind of film that would make a Star Wars reference. However, it does in a subtle yet hilarious manner.

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Derek’s second interaction with Hansel since the beginning of the film, begins with some vulgar and ridiculous insults leading to the creative and funny use of a Star Wars reference. Derek with Billy Zane at his side makes the suggestion that he and Hansel settle their feud on the runway, using the following line, “Let’s say we settle this on the runway. Han…Solo.”

It seems the Force is strong with this one. Hansel responds unfazed however intrigued by the challenge to a Walk Off. For reference, a Walk Off according to David Bowie (yes he was in the film) when “the first model walks, second model duplicates and elaborates.”

It is a brief but comedic comment that would honestly make anyone chuckle no matter how many times it is heard. It comes out of nowhere, yet brings to the attention that even as brainless as Derek and Hansel are, they are aware of Star Wars and know who Han Solo is. As random as it is, it’s effective and clever. Derek is insulting Hansel’s name but actually referring to one of the most popular and cool characters.

Zoolander is rated PG-13, so be aware of the language and adult situations while watching.

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