Star Wars: 10 moments we should see in Episode IX

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With the final installment in the Star Wars saga fast approaching, let’s take a look at a few moments and offer some speculation for Star Wars Episode IX.

Star Wars: Episodes VII and VIII opened our eyes to a new era in the galaxy far, far away. Along the way we’ve met new characters, said goodbye to some old ones, and even learned a couple things.

As Episode IX fast approaches, I’ve put together a rough idea of what I think the plot will look like, summarized in ten different plot points.  Hope you enjoy!

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The Scoundrel’s Role

It has been confirmed Billy Dee Williams will return to the Star Wars saga to make his long awaited Lando Calrissian debut in the sequels. It is my belief he will enter this story alongside Maz Kanata and a host of other scoundrel-type characters. A Smugglers Alliance of loyal friends to the Resistance, so to speak.

With Lando’s role being nonexistent until now and Maz’s part quite minimal, these two deserve a solid place in the story.  I think something along the lines of Lando taking over the helm of the Falcon again like in Return of the Jedi, with Maz flying copilot, would be quite fitting.

If Episode IX includes a big space battle — and it should — these two can find a big part while still saving screen time for the other big players in the story. Alternatively, the two could serve as a source of intelligence for the Resistance, much as Maz did in Episode VIII. Or they could even head up a search team as Lando briefly fulfilled at the tail end of The Empire Strikes Back when he led the search for Boba Fett and the frozen Han Solo. Maybe someone or something has gone missing, and these two are just the ones to track them/it down.

Lando’s whoop of joy after escaping the second Death Star is one of the most memorable Star Wars moments, and giving him an opportunity to shine in this movie is a must-have for many fans.