Star Wars: 10 moments we should see in Episode IX

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The Dream Team

“Where’s my boyfriend?  I like that Wookiee.”

Possibly just a humorous line of dialogue, or potentially a hint of more to come from Maz Kanata and Chewbacca. There’s obviously some history there, and with both characters being fan favorites who’ve been left a bit on the side in the sequel trilogy, perhaps Episode IX will be the time to see them shine.

What better way to get them both into the action than with a team-up scene? Perhaps Maz flying the Falcon while Chewie handles the gunner duties, or maybe even the two fighting side-by-side in personal combat?

We’ve already seen that Maz can handle herself in a blaster fight, and Chewie’s record of holding his own is well established. Perhaps these two are the team that captures General Hux, eventually leading to his betrayal of the First Order (as previously discussed).

I think it would be cool if the Guavian death gang returns in Episode IX. That alone could be a monumental opportunity to elevate Chewbacca, if not perhaps create his greatest moment ever.

Many people don’t follow the chain of Bala-Tik’s report to the First Order leading to Han Solo’s eventual death, but them’s the facts! If Bala-Tik doesn’t make that call, the First Order doesn’t track the Falcon to Maz’s castle on Takodana, Rey doesn’t get captured, and Han doesn’t die trying to rescue her.

If Chewie doesn’t get a shot to even the score with Kylo Ren, a meeting with Bala-Tik could give the fans an exciting scene of karmic equalization.  Having Maz present when Chewbacca evens the score could solidify these characters in a way that’s been only hinted at thus far.