Star Wars: 10 moments we should see in Episode IX

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Photo credit: LucasFilm


The Last Jedi opened our eyes to elements of the galaxy many of us had never previously considered.

The topic of starship fuel was utilized in a way never done before. The casino on Canto Bight was a glimpse into the high life of the rich and famous, another element we’d only ever gotten a peak of in the opera scene in Revenge of the Sith.  Luke’s views on the Force were also unexpected and unique, the concept of a “gray Jedi” being something that many fans had been calling for for years.

But the element of the movie that I found particularly interesting was the small bit involving the slave children on Canto Bight, specifically the Force Sensitive boy.

Episode IX is going to take place a few years after The Last Jedi, and in that time it’s interesting to consider what Rey would have done in that time. She still has her own training to complete, but at the same time, it’s entirely possible that one or more Force attuned youths may have approached her.

The story of Luke’s grand stand against the war machine of the First Order had spread to such an extent that even the slave children on Canto Bight heard of it. With Luke gone, it would be up to Rey to train and educate any Jedi hopefuls that would join the Resistance.

While the story of Episode IX won’t likely focus on any Padawans of the Resistance, just having the presence of a few could fill in a lot of blanks that many fans want to see.  It tells of a greater story that while we don’t necessarily need to see, we appreciate those details in the overall saga.