Star Wars: Episode IX spoiler: Everything we know about Keri Russell’s character


The latest Star Wars leak gave us more info on Keri Russell’s character with costume images, an affiliation, and even a name.

The newest spoiler has finally shed some light on Keri Russell’s character for Star Wars: Episode IX.

A leak, posted to Marking Star Wars, showed Russell’s character in costume and also revealed her name. If you don’t want to learn more about that, then stop here. There are legit spoilers ahead.

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Her costume featured a purple, tight-fitting suit with a helmet covering her whole face. Honestly, she looks like someone more out of Star Trek, but her sleek outfit certainly makes for someone who needs agility and speed.

She also carries a blaster .

Russell’s helmet is there for protection but I also wonder if it’s there for slicing through the air whether on a bike or something more wild like a jet pack. It looks smooth and aerodynamic.

Additionally, we also learned her name … Zorii.

This leak is legit based on everything we have heard and seen. While the character hasn’t been shown without her helmet (and it’s definitely a woman), of all the characters that have been shown, Russell is the only one attached to the film that wasn’t featured in the character sheet.

It was rumored that Russell would play a bounty hunter, and her outfit screams bounty hunter to us too. Though we don’t know exactly what her role is in the grander scheme of things, she probably has a larger one considering she is with the other main characters of the Resistance.

You can see the full image of her costume on Reddit.

And notice, all of these characters featured in the character sheet are all part of the Resistance.

They likely wouldn’t throw a First Order affiliate in with a group of Resistance fighters.

This is a significant leak and by all accounts is accurate. Perhaps, we’ll even learn a bit more come time for the Star Wars Celebration panel on April 12.

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Episode IX is scheduled to premiere on December 20.