April’s Fools: 13 Star Wars characters people consider jokes


Nothing says beginning April with a good practical joke. But what happens when people start calling Star Wars characters jokes?

In late November 2018, Zach Griffith and I got talking and he mentioned how before Star Wars: The Clone Wars series, Kit Fisto was the punch-line to everybody’s jokes. As we talked, a list started to form to what it is below. As inspirational as it was, it was nice to be able to write something uplifting.

Star Wars gets a load of slack for its characters. But, how many of them get laughed at? Here’s the thirteen that came up in my conversation with Zach.

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13. Agen Kolar

It’s unknown why fans laugh at Jedi Master Agen Kolar. Could it be that he’s not a serial killer like his Zabrak brethren, Maul, and Savage Oppress? Perhaps it’s because he was one of the first Jedi killed by Palpatine during the fight in the Chancellor’s office.

12. Boba Fett

He’s one of the few Jango Fett clones that survived the Clone Wars, but Boba Fett isn’t spotless as a character. Fans view him as this awesome bounty hunter who called the famous Jango Fett ‘dad’ despite being his clone. However, his career as a bounty hunter and following his father’s footsteps didn’t go quite as planned.

After trying to kill Mace Windu in revenge for the Jedi Master killing Jango on Geonosis, he later fell down the Sarlacc Pit and was spat back out. I don’t think the creature who devours its victims over a thousand years likes bounty hunter. So much for honoring the Fett name, Boba! I reckon that’s why people who aren’t Boba fans consider him a joke.

11. Saesee Tiin

He’s one of the Jedi Palpatine slaughtered during the Chancellor’s office fight, but Saesee Tiin didn’t deserve his fate. During the Clone Wars, he served as a pilot and general. People joke he was one of the less capable Jedi to go up against someone as dangerous as Darth Sidious. Also, when Vader helped Lord Momin construct Fortress Vader, the Sith Lord encountered a vision of Master Tiin, which he slaughtered.

10. Kit Fisto

He’s the Aquaman in the Star Wars franchise, but Kit Fisto is always the butt of people’s jokes and was the inspiration for this article. He’s an awesome Jedi who doesn’t take himself too seriously despite his strong followings of the Jedi code.

Sure, Fisto is the subject of memes on the internet showing him smiling after he Force pushes a battle droid in Attack of the Clones. Let’s not forget he got killed by Palpatine when the Jedi tried to arrest him for being a Sith Lord. But during the war he did so many cool things. Though, he heard General Grievous cut down his former Padawan.

9. Jar Jar Binks

Photo credit: LucasFilm

Fans gave the Prequel trilogy a lot of grief because of the CGI and complained Anakin came off as whiny and not what they expected. However, it’s the character of Jar Jar Binks that had fans up in arms. Binks was hated by fans because of his goofy antics.

This proved problematic for actor Ahmed Best who received hate mail that told him to kill himself. He almost followed through on a suicide attempt until his son’s birth and realized his little boy needed a father and decided to live for him.

8. Salacious B Crumb

He’s Jabba’s court jester, and he’s not amazing to look at. He looks like a bald, long-eared rat that’s been hung out to dry. His laugh is enough to make us cringe, and it’s no wonder he’s considered a joke throughout the Star Wars community.

7. Ewoks

Photo credit: LucasFilm

They might appear to be teddy bears, but they’re cannibals. They wanted to eat Luke and Han while the little creatures thought C-3PO was as a golden god. As for Leia… we don’t know why they liked her. She did save Wicket from getting killed so that’s something. Fans criticized these little critters because of their cuteness.

6. Porgs

Like the Ewoks of the original trilogy and Jar Jar of the prequels, the Porgs are the joke of the sequel trilogy. They’re like rodents cross with penguins. According to Chewie, they’re delicious. The reason they’re treated as a joke because they’re cute. Chewie was determined to eat one until he got those eyes that begged not to be eaten. Also, they didn’t have a purpose other than being pests that Chewie can devour.

5. Asajj Ventress

She’s bald, and she’s bad. Asajj Ventress first appeared in Star Wars during the micro Clone Wars series. Since then, she’s gotten adapted into the new canon. Throughout The Clone Wars series, she’s teased for her bald appearance. Ahsoka calls her ‘Baldy’ and the taunts continued from there. Also, I don’t think her flirty games with Obi-Wan did her any favors.

4. Sebulba

Who remembers the Dug who tried to undermine Anakin in The Phantom Menace? We do and while he wasn’t one of our favourites and given how terrible he acted towards Skywalker he doesn’t deserve the negativity. Sure, he’s ugly, cruel and a sore loser, but come one! Well, he’s a massive joke because he lost the Boonta Eve Classic to a human kid who one day becomes a mass murder.

3. Phasma

Photo credit: Star Wars Resistance/Disney, Image acquired from Lucasfilm

She’s the first female Stormtrooper to have appeared on screen, but who took Captain Phasma seriously? Remember the time Finn, Han, and Chewie threw her down a garbage shoot? Yeah, we’re having serious flashbacks to A New Hope when Han, Luke and Leia entered the Death Star garbage shoot to escape the Stormtroopers.

Anyway, people view Phasma as useless because she doesn’t kick butt in the films and then she met a fiery demise. The character had a load of potential on screen. It’s a shame we’ve had the Phasma book describe how awesome she was.

2. Lobot

Lando’s trusted assistant Lobot doesn’t get much time on-screen but gave fans another excuse to consider him a jokable subject. He’s a human with a device attached to his head. What isn’t laughable about that? However, he doesn’t have enough going on him for him to be serious character We only remember him as Lando’s buddy.

1. Kylo Ren

Photo credit: Lucasfilm/Star Wars: The Last Jedi

When the announcement Kylo Ren was the grandson of Darth Vader, fans groaned when they realized they had a Vader fanboy on their hands. Since then, fans have stopped at nothing to ridicule the character. It’s a bit unfair to to see Ben Solo’s alter ego as a fanboy. Sure, he’s done questionable things and he committed patricide when he killed Han. Though, we understand he got lied to by his family and he was corrupted by Snoke.


When it comes to laughable characters, these characters take much of the slack. While it is April Fool’s Day today, we shouldn’t joke about them on a regular basis as actors and Lucasfilm put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into making these characters come to life.

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I would like to thank Zach for his input and his help in putting this list together. Be sure to give his work a look and be sure to follow him on social media!

Did we hit the mark? Are these characters a joke? Let us know below in the comments!