Star Wars Rumor: Another Episode IX title rumor has fans freaking out


Rumors and more rumors: take this with a grain of salt for your own good. Otherwise you could find yourself as upset and a bunch of other Star Wars fans because it seems someone is floating a supposed Episode IX title and it is bad. Really bad.

There is a new rumor floating around of a potential title for Star Wars: Episode IX. There’s been a few now and we have no idea of any of them are right.

The latest one has been swarming the boards and sites a little and actually came before April Fool’s Day. So take it with a grain of salt.

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Ain’t It Cool claims Episode IX is called …


You can click here  for the actual rumor. But,

Here’s one thought: yikes!!!! That does not hit the feels for sure. This is just bad. Personally, any time there is a reference like “super secret spy” it casts serious doubt as to just how legit the rumor is.

It seems way out of place for a Star Wars film to have a single worded title. Needless to say fans are not happy with this rumor at all. Fans and media have to wait a little longer to find out, it is expected that a teaser trailer and the title will be revealed at Star Wars Celebration. Fans have grown used to  waiting for Lucasfilm and Disney to unveil the official name of the trilogy last film.

After The Last Jedi, we were lead to believe only Ben and Leia are the last two Skywalkers. Not to mention there has been a ton of build up for this film. IF that was indeed the title, it would fall flat on many levels.

If that would just so happen to be the title, fans would be even more irritated after the last film. This seems highly unlikely to be true, in my opinion.

Let us know what you think of this potential new title in the comment.

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Episode IX is scheduled to come release worldwide on December 20.