Review: Star Wars No. 64 Benthic could be a problem


Leia, Luke, Han and Chewie infiltrate Sho-Torun in an attempt to get Queen Trios, but one of their allies may post a bigger threat in Star Wars No. 64.

There’s just one main comic release this week with Star Wars No. 64 and Leia, Luke and Han are still trying to back at Queen Trios who betrayed them way back in issue No. 50.

While the focus is on what the trio is up to, the tail end of the issue is more fascinating as it once again ties the events of Rogue One into the canon.

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Benthic is with Luke and Chewbacca in the Millennium Falcon while Leia and Han are with a shape shifter who is being used in their plans to get Trios. Their plan is lock down Sho-Torun to take control of the planet.

Their plan works, but not without a hiccup. And it’s not what you think.

Benthic has revenge on his mind. If you remember, Benthic was part of the rogue rebels allying himself with Enfys Nest in Solo and then Saw Gerrera in Rogue One.

Benthic managed to escape Jedha before its destruction, but not without losing Gerrera and others. Now, he wants to exact his revenge in the same fashion and make sure those that align themselves with the Empire never forget what happened on Jedha.

Photo credit: Star Wars No. 64, Marvel Comics/Angel Unzueta

This is not what the trio had planned for Trios. As much as they want to get Trios back for betraying them, they are also not trying to take down an entire planet and ruin the people there (though the casualties of the Death Star have something to say about that).

Gerrera and the rebels have always been looked at as terrorist cells, getting dirty and playing in shades of grey during their rebellion. Benthic is no different, crossing lines that Luke doesn’t appreciate.

Star Wars No. 64 sets up a crazy encounter in the next issue, which is scheduled to come our May 1. The next issue may also let us know Benthic’s fate.

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