Star Wars: Episode IX: Will Rose Tico appear in the Skywalker Saga finale?


Kelly Marie Tran hasn’t been mentioned in any promotional materials for the upcoming Star Wars: Episode IX. Will she be in the movie?

Rose Tico was a polarizing character in the last Star Wars film. There wasn’t definitive word if she would be back in Episode IX, but a new rumor suggests what her fate might be.

Read on only if you’re willing to see potential spoilers.

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The latest Making Star Wars podcast suggest Rose will be in the movie, but her role will apparently be limited. According to notes on the podcast from Reddit, she was have “Lando-sized role” in Episode IX.

We don’t actually know what Lando’s role in Episode IX is, but it has been suggested he plays a small part — which means Rose’s role will be similar.

With some fan backlash from The Last Jedi, it will be interesting to see if J.J. Abrams will allow the character to develop or she will be pushed to the background? Still her relationship with Finn was taking off and should be something that is addressed.

Another possible snag is that Rose was introduced with such promise as a new character, and groundbreaking in this franchise because of her Asian heritage. She looked like she had potential in the trailers, but her role bashed by a portion of the fan base that led to Kelly Marie Tran being harassed on social media.

Again this is just a rumor, but it does post a lot of questions Rose professed her love Finn — though we’re not sure of the severity of that love — and it seemed there was a budding friendship there.

We’ll just have to wait and see if Rose makes an appearance and just how lengthy that role would be.

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Episode IX is scheduled to release worldwide on December 20.