Disney needs to find one person to oversee all things Star Wars


Like Marvel, Star Wars needs one clear voice to oversee the franchise. Kathleen Kennedy did well bringing the films back with The Force Awakens, but things then fell apart.

Kevin Feige has done it for all things Marvel. The movies are cash cows at the box office and they did it with one voice, one leader.

Disney and Lucasfilm need to find that one person who can mimic the Marvel way and push Star Wars to greater heights.

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Marvel movies have a level of consistency that has built anticipation with every film. Something Star Wars fans dream about. JJ Abrams did a solid job bringing the franchise back with The Force Awakens, but the next film fell flat and with the fan base. In other words, no consistency.

Disney/Lucasfilm was unable to build off of TFA, which is frustrating to fans who are just as passionate as Marvel fans are. It almost feels unacceptable, not in a jealous way mind you. But in a way that something as beloved as Star Wars could put out something inferior to another movie franchise.

Kathleen Kennedy, who was the overseer has not done the job fans think she could be doing. TFA solid. The Last Jedi, not so much. Solo failed at the box office — in my opinion — due to the poor reception of TLJ. I have nothing against Kennedy. She is probably a great person.

But, in my opinion, a new voice is needed.

Who that is, is unknown right now. If Episode IX fails to drive out the bad tastes of TLJ and Solo, fans will both be further upset and there is a good chance they will demand.

Disney/Lucasfilm would be smart in beginning to identify candidates who could step in if need be and bring consistency to the franchise.

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What do you think? Who do you think should lead the franchise?