Star Wars Celebration: 6 can’t-miss panels for SWCC

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STAR WARS RESISTANCE – “Descent” – With secrets exposed, YeagerÕs crew must evade relentless troopers hunting them down and find a way to reach the Resistance. This episode of

“Star Wars Resistance” airs Sunday, March 3 (10:00 -10:30 P.M. EST) on Disney Channel. (Disney Channel)


Star Wars Resistance: Season Two Sneak Peek

Time: Monday, 1:30 pm CT

Star Wars Resistance premiered in 2018, about a year after the end of Star Wars Rebels. They are two vastly different animated shows from the story line to the animation.

But Star Wars Resistance being different doesn’t mean it’s worse. The story line of the series got better as it went on – which could be said for all of Star Wars’ animated series – as it got closer to the events of The Force Awakens.

Kaz Xiono and Team Fireball were fighting  members of the First Order on the Colossus and they managed to rid the platform of them, but the first season of Star Wars Resistance finished with a cliffhanger and with our heroes headed into the unknown.

What’s also fascinating about Star Wars Resistance was how it portrayed the First Order and those around them to show how they could fall for their propaganda. Team Fireball lost one of their own who decided that their lies (even though they were spying for the Resistance) were enough. Tam picked the First Order over Kaz and Yeager.

Her story line will be just as important as the others.

Star Wars Resistance was renewed early for a second season, so we’re excited to see what’s coming next. However, there’s a lot going on this year so hopefully LucasFilm will give us some time before Season 2 hits.

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With Star Wars Celebration panels starting on Friday, which panels are you most looking foward to?