Disney+ details expected today for Disney Investor Day


While information on Disney+ has been limited, today should be the day we get the details on the upcoming streaming service.

Today is Disney Investor Day where the company is expected to reveal a number of details mostly around its Disney+ streaming service.

While a a few Star Wars-related items could pop up, most of that will start tomorrow with the Star Wars: Episode IX panel at Celebration. Among the things we should learn about Disney+ include pricing, launch date and where to get the new service.

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Star Wars fans are anticipating the news because it will affect the way they consume content. First off, that’s where the movies will wind up. While we have gotten to see them on Netflix and cable TV over the years, eventually all movies will be on the streaming service — Disney just needs to wait for certain contracts to run out. 

Secondly, Disney will stream new TV series on the platform.

As of right now, we know of three Star Wars series coming to the platform, which include The Mandalorian, the Cassian Andor-led seried, and The Clone Wars Season 7. There’s also a rumor that a third series is on the way.

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As a Star Wars fan, if you want to continue to consume anything you can about the franchise — especially in-between big movie releases, Disney+ will become the way to do it.

Beyond just Star Wars fans though, Disney+ is offering content for Marvel fans, children, and more. So many are also going to wonder about bundling considering Disney has the ESPN platform and owns part of Hulu.

Hopefully, some of these questions will be able to get answers as part of Disney Investor Day and we will have all the details about Disney+ once it comes out.

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Do you plan on subscribing to Disney+? Let us know what you think of getting the new streaming service.