Star Wars: Episode IX title and trailer revealed at Star Wars Celebration


The Star Wars: Episode IX teaser trailer and title was revealed at Star Wars Celebration on Friday. There were lots of cheers — and lots of questions.

Finally, the Star Wars: Episode IX title and a teaser trailer have been revealed at panel for the movie at Star Wars Celebration.

The teaser trailer starts with Rey in the desert with some narration, saying  the Jedi have passed on all they know. Rey is looking at something coming towards her and she starts running from a tie fighter and then we get a cool shot of her jumping over it.

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We get some shots of Kylo stabbing, and some scenes with Finn and Poe. We get our first look at Lando piloting the Millennium Falcon, which I thought was very cool to see.

The last big money shot or money audio is we see Rey and the Gang looking at something in the distance I can’t tell what is it some kind of Death Star or something else. It ends with seemingly Luke Skywalker saying no one’s ever truly gone then it cuts to black and but that’s not the end.

We hear a distinct laugh.

Emperor Palpatine’s laugh.

My jaw dropped — and yet that wasn’t all.  The name of episode was finally revealed: The Rise of Skywalker

People have already got their theories on what the title means and how is the Emperor back. People think that Rise of the Skywalker means Luke is coming back to life, Rey being revealed as a Skywalker Or it means a new faction of force wielders called Skywalker.

As far as the Emperor, there are even more questions. Is he a clone, is he a force ghost or does he get brought back to life or did he never die in Return Of The Jedi?

There are so many theories about this trailer. What do guys think about the title and the Emperor being back? What did you guys think of the trailer as a whole let us know in the comments section below

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Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker opens in December 2019