Star Wars Celebration: Dooku, Hera Syndulla, Thrawn to star in new Del Rey Novels


The Star Wars Novels panel at Star Wars Celebration focused on writer, their process and fan favorite characters spanning the saga.

The Del Rey Behind the Scenes panel at Star Wars Celebration took place Saturday with a large group of writers coming together to talk about their upcoming work and give background about what is being released.

The Del Rey panel did not announce any new novels in the works, but when you have multiple writers sitting on a panel there is no shortage of news and information for any fan of Del Rey’s Star Wars line.

The Star Wars Celebration panel included Timothy Zahn, Claudia Gray, Alexander Freed, Delilah Dawson, and Cavan Scott who gave information their work and their writing process.

According to twitter user @thesmartsilkie, who was at Star Wars Celebration live blogging the panel, some of the most important elements revealed was Hera Syndulla will feature in the new Alphabet Squadron novel about pilots moving from life in the Rebellion to life after the rebellion.

Hera Syndulla is big fan favorite for Star Wars fans that have gone deeper than the films and hearing that she’s involved in post Episode Six plans should warm any fanboy or girl’s heart.

Other interesting news revealed the power struggle between Orson Krennic, featured in the Rogue One film and novels, will be further explored in Timothy Zahn’s third book in his trilogy Thrawn: Treason.

The Dooku audiobook will be told from Ventress’ point of view and Dooku will be ten years old at the start of the audiobook.

During the panel the authors got into their writing process revealing some buy toys and listen to specialized soundtracks when writing certain characters. All of them also use detailed outlines to write their books.

Another Star Wars fan in attendance, BenNewton_1  reports Alexander Freed, writer of the upcoming Alphabet Squadron novel, hates editing so much he writes heavily detailed outlines.

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While nothing new was announced during the Star Wars Celebration event, the panel served to make any fan of books and Star Wars excited.

What novels are you waiting for to be released?