Star Wars Comics: Greg Pak Phil Noto confirms new creative team


Star Wars Celebration Marvel comics panel features new announced titles and new creative on main comic books. Also news on Age of Resistance one-shots.

Details on the new Star Wars comics set to be published by Marvel were on full display during Star Wars Celebration’s Marvel Comics Panel. There were new comics announced as well as new creative teams and additional information on known ongoing titles.

Fans of old favorites like Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo will be just as excited as fans of new favorites like Rey, Finn and Poe Dameron. Each of these characters are getting the “Age of” one-shot treatment with Greg Pack handling Age of Rebellion one-shot comics and Tom Taylor taking over for the Age of Resistance.

For fans of comics in general, an important aspect to creating successful books are the creators. Comics are best written by comic book writers. During the new canon. Marvel has hired some of the best in the business like Jason Aaron, Charles Soule and Kieron Gillen.

Many noticed Greg Pak and Phil Noto were marked as creators for the main ongoing Star Wars comic on Amazon. The Marvel Comics Panel at Star Wars Celebration confirmed this info with a very excited Greg Pak revealing details about his first arc that puts C-3PO in a heroic position.

We were given additional information on the tie comic to the new Disneyland attraction Galaxy’s Edge as well, with Meagan Damore from reporting:

"Martin revealed that the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge miniseres will explore a shop from the park that contains rare items. “There is a criminal gang that is out to plot a heist for a specific object there. We’d tell you, but we’d have to lock the door for five months,” Sacks joked."

Marvel continues to find creative ways to keep Darth Vader in the comic book spotlight, recently with Vader: Dark Visions and now announced at Star Wars Celebration, a new comic reintroducing the bounty hunter Beilert Valance (who recently showed up in Han Solo: Imperial Cadet series).

Valance will star in his own miniseries, Target Vader, where he takes on the task of hunting down Darth Vader himself.

Reactions and Expectations

My initial reaction is one of disappointment because very little new material was announced. We already knew we were getting Age of Resistance one-shots and Amazon already spilled the beans on Greg Pak taking over the new main title.

Target Vader sounds great, but I expected more leading up to Rise of Skywalker. Instead we’ll end up with more one-shots rather than fleshed out long form serials.

That doesn’t mean what is coming out isn’t going to be great and add to the Star Wars lore we already love and cherish. It just means I’m glad I watched the news on the internet instead of buying a plane ticket to Chicago.

Greg Pak writing the main Star Wars title, while not news, is still good news for fans. He is a solid comic writer most famous for his World War Hulk series and someone who has written consistently good comics since.

Phil Noto is a real treat for fans. His watercolor art style will leave its  mark on fans who keep their minds open. His run with Charles Soule (of Darth Vader Vol. 2 fame) on Daredevil last year was some of the best superhero art available in 2018

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How excited are you about the announcements? Are you familiar with the new creative team of Greg Pak and Phil Noto? What are your expectations for the world of Stars Wars comics?