Star Wars: Episode IX: The 5 most important scenes from the trailer

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General Leia Organa (Carrie Fisher) and Rey (Daisy Ridley) in STAR WARS: Episode IX. Photo credit: Lucasfilm

General Leia’s embrace

We knew Carrie Fisher would be in the final movie. J.J. Abrams confirmed at Star Wars Celebration  he was able to feature unused footage from The Force Awakens to have Leia in the film.

We got one glimpse of that in the movie and it was everything that we needed to see.

Leia hugs Rey who has a tear falling down her cheek — and she may not have been the only one.

While Leia may not have a big role in Episode IX, it was important to see her. For so many fans, she made this franchise, giving us a no-nonsense princess who could wield a blaster and kill a Hutt.

As a general in the Resistance, she led the fight against the First Order, which includes her own son. That incredibly difficult choice is one no mother should have to deal with but Leia has picked the good of the galaxy over her own joy.

Leia may only get a few scenes since the movie is about the next generation, but that’s OK. Just knowing she will be in it is enough because of how incredibly important she is to the franchise.

It tied the original trilogy with the new trilogy and one that made it a joy to see if only for a moment.