SWCC 2019: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order panel highlights

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The Three Rules for Survival: Don’t stand out. Accept the past. Trust no one.

The trailer for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, although brief, gives fans a lot of details on what to expect from the upcoming game.

The protagonist Cal, a former Padawan who appears to now be a young man in his 20s, is hiding in plain sight and works as a scraper for the Empire to help take apart decommissioned Star-Destroyers. He hides his abilities to maintain his cover until he is forced to use them to save a co-worker from falling to his death after an accident at work, after which he is discovered in pursued by the Empire.

A few clips of Cal on the run are shown in the trailer, displaying some of his abilities which presumably will be part of the game.

One of the new features shown is the ability to use to force to run alone the walls, as well as use the force to bring objects and platforms closer to him to jump to. Storm Troopers are shown to be in pursuit of and shoot at Cal in these scenes in the trailer, so it is possible that in parts of the game, his goal will be to evade and not to fight them.

Cal is also seen in another clip to be dueling one-on-one with  Imperial Inquisitor wielding an Electrostaff, who the developers confirmed was called the “Second Sister Inquisitior,”

Along with her, the developers also introduced the new “Purge-Troopers,” whom are a new melee-focused variant of Stormtroopers dressed in all black armor, who are specifically created to hunt down the surviving Jedi.

From what the trailer implies, the normal Stormtroopers will likely serves as minor infantry men whom will be weaker and easier to defeat, while the Inquisitors will be a more difficult in-game boss battle.

Cal’s force abilities are also displayed in the trailer, as in one scene, the inquisitor knocks away his lightsaber and forces his backwards towards a giant moving fan, however, Cal uses the force to cause it to stop turning.

While one of Cal’s rules for survival is to “trust no one,” he is seen jumping off of the ledge of one of the decommissioned Star-destroyers from earlier in the trailer, towards a ship which a woman is sticking her had out of an opening to help catch him.

This new character is named Ceres, who is a former Jedi Knight who will serve as a mentor figure to the protagonist.

The other companion introduced in the trailer is a droid named BD-1, who is described as “Cal’s best fried” and that he is not Cal’s sidekick, but instead his equal. The game developers also confirmed that BD-1 will have a lot of useful tools to use in-game which can be found and upgraded over the course of the game.

Although Ceres and BD-1 were the only two of Cal’s companions to be featured in the trailer, the developers eluded that there will be more to come.

A shot of Cal inside the ship’s cockpit is then show, with the Second Sister Inquisitor from the previous fight jumping on the front window and appearing to use the force to take over the ship’s flight stick.

The last shot of the trailer is of Cal saying “trust only in the force” as he holds lightsaber  with a broken lower half, however, it is still functional as he ignites it in the final clip of the trailer, revealing the blue light blade, which will likely serve as the protagonist’s main weapon of choice throughout the game.

The developer’s went on to state following the trailer that Cal has an “intimate relationship” to the lightsaber, eluding to the idea that it is his former deceased master’s weapon. From the image released of it, it appears to be one half of a double-bladed lightsaber.