Star Wars: With rumors constantly swirling, it’s tough to know what’s right


With all the Star Wars rumors thrown around, fans should try to enjoy the moment and wait for Episode IX to hit.

Rumors are like a train wreck. We can’t help but even though we want to turn away — and Star Wars has no shortage of rumors.

From TV series to graphic novels to movies, rumors are a way of distracting us from what is real and we can get caught up in them.

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Fans should be wary of falling for these rumors. Some a legit while others are just people trying to make a name for themselves.

Not to date myself, but I remember rumors. And theories from the original films: From who Boba Fett was to Darth Vader is not really Luke’s father. Yet, every rumor we read or hear makes us pause and think.

Fans should not be caught up in rumors. Fans have seen them come and go. Fans have also seen a lot of rumors be so far from the truth they have started arguments. It is better to wait and find out what happens and who is related to whom by watching the film and forming your own opinions.

Take for example Episode IX, there have been some crazy rumors floating around — from Snoke is not dead, Luke is not dead, Kylo Ren will turn to the light side, Padme will be in the film to the title … “Skywalkers — which wasn’t far off.

As Star Wars Celebration is underway, fans and media should get old-fashioned answers to questions. A teaser trailer and a Q & A with a panel, which so happens to include the director J.J. Abrams.

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So if you are a rumor-aholic keep on keeping on. For the rest the Force is strong with you!