Why is Star Wars fatigue an issue, but Marvel fatigue is not?

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Marvel Studios’ AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Thanos (Josh Brolin) Photo: Film Frame ©Marvel Studios 2018


Branching off from the same tree that the source material problem comes from, Marvel has not experienced too much fatigue because of their rich storylines. The Infinity Gauntlet, Secret Invasion, Civil War, and many other drastically different stories that fans have already been touched on in the MCU, and there are even better ones to come. What storylines have we seen in Star Wars? Luke and Anakin’s stories, Rebels vs. Empire, and Resistance vs. First Order. Not only are there so few, but they’re so similar as well!

If you cannot agree that the overall plot of The Force Awakens, at least in terms of the destruction of the Starkiller Base and Rey’s rise to herodom, is the same as A New Hope, then you are lying to yourself. The same base story is being retold over and over again through three different trilogies, and enough is enough. People loved Rogue One because it was completely different, and Star Wars fans deserve more of that.

The base storyline of Star Wars is not bad at all. It’s a classic story that should be retold to generations to come. Even in the prequel trilogy, the themes of family and corruption serve their purposes to teach the audience how Anakin Skywalker went sour, but the problem is we see that over and over again. One character is chosen to make things right, the galaxy is suffering from an oppressive government, the dark side of the Force is tempting, and there is a giant spaceship that needs blowing up. How many times can we bare to watch this same movie?

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Marvel never ceases to surprise fans. When the good guys are all supposed to team up and win, half of them turn to dust. Iron Man and Captain America fight each other and aren’t friends anymore. Reaching even further back, it turns out that SHIELD had been infiltrated by HYDRA since day one. These are the kinds of riveting storylines that keep fans coming back for more, and Star Wars needs to look into reinventing itself in order to keep their loyal constituents entertained.

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