Why it’s hard to trust Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order


Given the recent history of Star Wars video games, it’s been difficult for fans to have trust that Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order could be good.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was revealed at the Star Wars Celebration and there are some big concerns

The game follows a Jedi Padawan named Cal who is on the run after Order 66.

“This is a Jedi fantasy story game,” head of Respawn Entertainment Vince Zampella, according to CBR.com. “This is a story game. No multiplayer. No microtransactions.”

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This seems so out of character for EA because remember there was a Star Wars game codenamed Ragtag that Uncharted director Amy Henning worked on. EA canceled it because it wasn’t a live service. A lot of people were excited about a narrative-driven single-player Star Wars game, and many were disappointed the game was canceled.

There is also the report that came out about the new Dragon Age that it was going to be a single player adventure but they seemingly decided to turn it into live service like Anthem because once again it won’t be able to get money from people over a long period of time

You see where I am going with this: Why is Jedi: Fallen Order different from those other games. I just feel like there is some sort of catch for this game not having microtransactions and multiplayer. As far as what the catch is maybe an abundance of DLC that was taken from the main game or something else, it could be anything. It seems like every other game they make has to have microtransactions in it.

You could argue Respawn has a greater reputation since it made Titan Fall 2 and Apex Legend,  which are doing well. So maybe Respawn gets a little leeway on what games it can make.

There are some pieces of information that make me could possibly make me less worried. Amy Henning discussed her reaction Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

"“[It’s] odd!” Henning told Eurogamer “I have to be candid with you. I mean, it’s coming from the EA Star Wars Twitter handle, so it’s certainly part of the plan, but I don’t know whether it’s implicitly referencing previous comments they made after our project was killed?“There is so much change in this industry all the time. Over the course of my time at EA, we were back and forth on what the overall publishing corporation wanted. Everybody’s trying to figure out what the right path is. I also think Respawn’s game has the benefit of being largely developed before they were acquired. It is a protected entity, and Vince [Zampella] makes very sure – because he’s part of the executive team at EA, he can protect the interests of Respawn. …“And you’ve got to understand there have been huge changes in management there since all of this happened as well. Both Patrick Soderlund and Jade Raymond have left in the meantime, and Laura Miele, who was the franchise general manager for Star Wars when I joined, is now in Patrick’s role. So I don’t have any insider knowledge, but there’s a lot of reasons they could have adopted a new attitude for this. And I’m glad for Respawn’s sake, because I’m excited about their game, and I’ve heard great things about it.”"

This could explain why there are no microtransactions or multiplayer in this game. It’s just we have been burned by EA many times it’s hard for me to trust it.

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What do you guys think about Jedi Fallen Order do you guys trust Jedi Fallen Order, am I just being paranoid let me know in the comments section below.