One fan guessed the Star Wars: Episode IX title — six years ago


One fan correctly predicted the Star Wars: Episode IX title – six years ago. Is that you, J.J.?

Just a month after Disney acquired Lucasfilm, one person gave a prediction on a Star Wars title name – they were just two episodes early.

Gabriel Garcia tweeted: “Star Wars Episode 7 The Rise of Skywalker. The Emperor Lives.”

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Garcia hasn’t tweeted since 2013 so we haven’t gotten any other prognostications, but it’s funny to think that someone had these thoughts all that long ago – and they were out there just living in the ether.

Was it joke?

Maybe, but it feels like one of those jokes that’s not really a joke. While we didn’t get a chance to talk to Garcia, I feel part of the thought process could have been, ‘What is the most ridiculous thing Disney could do with Star Wars?

Bring back Palpatine.

It’s silly and maybe six years ago we would have been laughing about it too. But now it seems like it fits especially since it’s the finale of the Skywalker Saga. We don’t actually know in what form Palpatine is back whether it’s in the flesh, as a clone, as a Force Ghost or something we haven’t considered.

We do know that he is involved in the final episode … and that’s all we know.

Where ever you are Gabriel, nice job on the prediction. Considering they haven’t logged on to Twitter to take thanks for the recent fame, I wonder if they even remember making it.

There doesn’t seem to be too many more predictions around the future of Star Wars, but at least some things get to be a surprise.

dark. Next. When did Lucasfilm decide to bring Palpatine back?

The Rise of Skywalker premieres worldwide December 20.