The Mandalorian: 4 things we learned from the preview clip

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A Western feel

If you have watched old Westerns, The Mandalorian might feel familiar to you. It has that grittiness to it.

The clip shows Pascal’s character in a town with a lot of criminal element. The walls are grey. The town streets are dirty. The stormtroopers are even dirty.

There is a distinct feel to the clips, setting the viewer up for a series that will have a lot of greyness involved – and not just from the coloring. The characters live in a world of grey as well doing what is necessary.

They make no apologies about it either. The Mandalorian takes contracts without asking many questions. Bounty hunters have been in these stories forever – especially Westerns. This seems to be a modern take on the old Westerns minus John Wayne.

In reality, Star Wars is a space western, but The Mandalorian just has a closer feel to it as it directly has a bounty hunter looking for his target. There is even the brief clip of Kara Dune (Gina Carrano) and the Mandalorian fighting and then both whipping their blasters out at the same time just like a duel.

While Westerns also tend to tell tales more about “morality,” this show is dealing with characters who are more morally ambiguous. But there will likely come a moment when a tough choice is going to be made (and if this plot reveal is correct then we know what it will be).