Is Barriss Offee the Second Sister?


The Second Sister has been revealed as the primary antagonist of the upcoming video game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Could she also be a character from The Clone Wars?

One of the highlights of Star Wars Celebration 2019 was the Fallen Order panel, during which fans learned a great deal about the game. One of the best reveals was that the game’s main villain will be the Second Sister, one of the Inquisitors tasked with hunting down Jedi survivors and Force-sensitive individuals after Order 66.

Unlike many of the other Inquisitors who have received significant focus in Star Wars Rebels, the Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith comics, or the Ahoska novel, the Second Sister has received little focus so far. She only made a brief appearance in the Darth Vader comics, which makes it all the more exciting for her to be taking center-stage in Fallen Order.

Just as there was much more to the Grand Inquisitor’s backstory than was initially believed, fans are theorizing the same could hold true for the Second Sister. In fact, there is speculation that the Second Sister could be former Jedi Padawan Barriss Offee.

Trained under Jedi Master Luminara Unduli, Barriss Offee fought in and survived the Battle of Geonosis. During The Clone Wars series she was shown to become a close friend of Ahsoka Tano. Eventually Barriss grew disgusted with what the Jedi Order had become during the Clone Wars. She bombed the Jedi Temple and let Ahsoka be framed as part of a scheme to prove her point. Barriss was caught and confessed before the Senate, but not before she publicly expressed her feelings on the corruption of the Jedi Order.

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It is unknown what happened to Barriss after she was taken away. Over the years fans have theorized whether she survived Order 66. Fallen Order could provide that answer by revealing that Offee not only survived Order 66, but that she became one of the Inquisitors.

This twist could be satisfying beyond just confirming what happened to Barriss after the Clone Wars. For one thing, it would connect well to the story of the Grand Inquisitor. He was previously a Jedi Temple Guard and was even one of the Guards who escorted Barriss to her trial before the Senate.

Dave Filoni confirmed the words of Barriss planted a seed in the Grand Inquisitor’s mind, a seed that would take him down the path of the Dark Side. It would be perfect for the person who sparked the Grand Inquisitor’s journey to also be an Inquisitor herself.

As a former Jedi Padawan, Barriss could also share history with Fallen Order‘s protagonist Cal Kestis. Cal was also a former Jedi Padawan, and their shared history from their past lives would make the Second Sister’s hunt for Cal feel much more personal. It will also make the reveal of the Second Sister’s identity more devastating for Cal.

Making Barriss Offee be the Second Sister is more than just tying up a loose end from The Clone Wars. It can enrich the conflict and character development within Fallen Order, while also providing more meaningful connectivity to the journey of the Grand Inquisitor and the rest of the Inquisitorius. Fallen Order is the most story-driven video game Star Wars has had in years, and this would only enhance the story further.

We will see if the theory pans out when Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is released on November 15th.

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