Star Wars: 3 future movies we would like to see

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Knights of The Old Republic

Knights of the Old Republic is a very popular Star Wars video game series. The story and lore it brings to the Star Wars Universe are fantastic. So when it was announced that Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic was no longer canon people were disappointed.

For those who don’t know, Knights of the Old Republic is a story set thousands of years in the past. It’s about Darth Revan who was a Jedi Knight who then became a sith lord who then became a Jedi again.

A lot of people want a Knights of the Old Republic movie because it is very much removed from the story of the main saga, so there is no worry on connecting to the eras to each other, and its about characters we have never seen before.

The rumor is that Benioff and Weiss’ trilogy is going to be set in the Old Republic, which was welcome news by fans. Where in the era though? We don’t know especially because there is a long time frame to work with.

But Revan and characters around his story are especially high on the list. Revan is such a fascinating character as he lived as both a Jedi and a Sith.