Star Wars: The similarities between Snoke and Palpatine


Both of Star Wars’ dark side leaders Snoke and the Emperor, have some things in common that link them together. What are the deeper connections? Let’s take a look.

“No one is ever really gone.”

The final speaking line of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker teaser trailer is pretty ominous, which is then followed by Emperor Palpatine’s laugh.

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Though Palpatine was the orchestrator in the earlier Star Wars films, Snoke was seen as playing that role in the sequel trilogy. Palpatine and Snoke have a number of things in common starting with baiting other with their lightsabers.

The Emperor tested Luke by telling him to take his lightsaber and strike him down. Snoke also took a lightsaber and taunted Kylo Ren.

The difference is Snoke was trying to get to Rey. He tried to get into Ren’s head by taunting him about his failures. Snoke had the Skywalker lightsaber.

Another difference is in Darth Vader the Emperor had an apprentice he trusted. We never get the feeling Snoke trusted Kylo Ren, perhaps not fully able to do that because of his conflict.

So both Luke and Kylo Ren had two pure evil leaders trying to get more out of them, while also being willing to dump them for the next powerful apprentice. Anakin driven to the dark side because of Palpatine, Ben Solo driven to the dark side because of Snoke.

Yet, Vader seemingly killed the Emperor to save Luke. Ren killed Snoke for selfish gain. Both wanted absolute power to rule the galaxy. Now that we have a back story let’s take a look at something else.

Snoke vs. Emperor Palpatine, it is unlikely but what if there has been a conflict between the Emperor and Snoke overshadowing everything? Both men needing to get the Skywalkers out of the way in order to  become the ultimate evil in the galaxy once again?

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