Star Wars theory: This could explain the secret to Snoke’s identity


Did this Star Wars fan figure out the secret behind Snoke? This theory is certainly plausible and one that can be believed.

When Supreme Leader Snoke popped up on movie screens in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, one of the questions fans had was who was the new guy? He wasn’t Palpatine or didn’t seem to be a character we had met already.

The novels may have provided clues, but even those seemed to lead to a dead end. Instead, one fan theory is gaining steam and it comes from user NumeralJoker on Reddit.

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On the surface, it makes a lot sense and is certainly quite plausible. Dig a little deeper and you realize there just might be some merit to this theory.

Here’s part of that theory:

"Snoke was possessed by Palps. I don’t care if the film never confirms it. Unless it is blatantly contradicted, it fits perfectly with everything canon has told us about him so far. Snoke was a Dark Side relic collector who just happened to be force sensitive (more or less confirmed by the artbooks). At some point he ran across Skywalker, who was ALSO a collector of relics (Jedi in this case), as was hinted at in the Episode 8 novel. Post ROTJ Snoke and Luke are mirrors of one another, in that sense. Palps sensed Snoke’s existence (even before death) and considered him part of his post death contingency plan (Operation Cinder), then eventually lured him to his spirit anchor (Probably the DS2 ruins).Snoke was possessed by him, and the Emperor used his riches (Snoke is supposedly ‘extremely’ wealthy) and massive resources/knowledge of the Unknown Regions to take over and lead the First Order in the flesh (Episode 8’s novel says that Snoke’s takeover was unexpected and he usurped leadership from the other Imperials, i.e. he just shows up one day and takes over), but didn’t reveal himself as the Emperor since he still wished for a better body. The First Order was ALWAYS Palps’ plan for a better and more ruthless Empire if he were to be killed. He was old and needed to find a key to immortality someday anyway, so it makes sense that he’d develop a plan for after his death."

You can read rest here and see why it make sense.

So who is Snoke? This theory says Snoke was just a wealthy Force sensitive guy susceptible to the dark side. Just the kind of fella Palpatine would be able to use to do his bidding.

Snoke was extremely powerful, especially if you consider that he could manipulate the Force through a hologram, apparently connect Rey and Kylo’s minds, and build the First Order into a remarkable killing machine.

While there have been many strong Jedi and Sith in history, there is a degree of just how strong they are. And one of the strongest was Palpatine.

We have seen a number of different types of Force powers, and even Luke Skywalker — one of the strongest — couldn’t Force project himself for too long and the energy it took to do that wound up killing him.

Unless said otherwise in Star Wars: Episode IX, this seems to be theory I am leaning toward. It make sense on a number of levels.

It explains where Snoke came from and that he was just a puppet of Palpatine’s. It also explains where Palpatine has been if he is indeed going to appear in The Rise of Skywalker. It also lends credence to how the First Order rose from the ashes of the Empire, which seemed to be all part of Palpatine’s contingency plan if everything went awry.

What do you think of this theory? To me, it’s well thought out and explains a lot of what we don’t know yet.

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Star Wars: Episode IX is in theaters every where on December 20.