The international Star Wars Episode IX title may give new clues


Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker international title might hold another clue — as its English translation is a bit different.

Brace yourselves, it’s rumor time again. Please proceed with cation both for potential spoilers and flat out wrong spoilers. This comes from a Twitter user who apparently lives or is from Poland and the title in his language is very interesting.

“Gwiezden (Skywalker Odrodzenie) Wojny” translated means Star Wars, Skywalker Resurrection. That actually is not rumor it is fact in Polish.

We don’t entirely know what that means — if anything, but it certainly has a way of creating a lot of speculation. It could mean that Luke is resurrected, or Leia or Anakin perhaps a resurrected Ben Solo. It goes on and on.

Perhaps it refers to Luke being a force ghost in which case he would be resurrected from the dead, from a certain point of view.

It could mean that all four Skywalkers join together to defeat Emperor Palpatine, Darth Plagueis or whomever is a shadow villain.  I am not sure Luke or Anakin would rise from the dead New Testament style, but it should be pointed out this could be nothing but a misleading translation allowing it to fall into the rumor category.

At the very least it easy to see Luke come back as a Force ghost. The teaser trailer had led some fans to wonder what form Luke would return in. For now fans still have over seven months to speculate on the meaning of the title. A title that could become a little more clear when the full-length trailer hits last this year.

h/t to Heroic Hollywood that had the story here.

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What are your thoughts as to how Luke Skywalker will return? Or who is the Skywalker who will rise next December?