The Mandalorian: 3 characters I’d love to see in the Star Wars series

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Bo-Katan. Photo credit: Lucasfilm


Bo-Katan is a wonderful strong female character that would fit in the show. She wields the dark saber as of her last appearance in Star Wars: Rebels. She is also considered someone who has united Mandalore in that time. Her character has been in a supporting role in her appearances despite her overall importance, so her character and storyline are ripe for development

Bo-Katan is strong female character with a strong moral code who follows the common Star Wars arc of balancing between good and evil. She debuted in the Star Wars universe as second in command of a terrorist group and she eventually became the de facto leader of Mandalore.

Bo-Katan has appeared in both critically acclaimed Star Wars cartoons and even though her character played a pivotal role in every episode she appeared she was never a featured character as a villain or as a hero. In The Mandalorian she could be written in as main antagonist or a supporting protagonist.

She took a back seat to either her sister Duchess Satine or Sabine Wren as the focus character for episodes that were centered around Mandalore. For this reason she a great choice for writers of the The Mandalorian to play with and develop further. She is well known by passionate fans and she doesn’t come with the baggage of decades of books, comics, tv shows and films written about her.

Finally if the TV show skirts or shrugs off the dark saber then it doesn’t deserve to be on TV. The dark saber is a tried-and-true fan favorite and is now associated with Mandalore and Mandalorians by fans who are in the know. Bo-Katan was the last to possess it as of the end of Star Wars Rebels.