Star Wars Day: 5 ways to celebrate May the Fourth

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ORLANDO, FL – APRIL 13: STAR WARS fans attend the 40 Years of Star Wars panel during the 2017 Star Wars Celebrationat Orange County Convention Center on April 13, 2017 in Orlando, Florida. (Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images for Disney)

It’s time to celebrate Star Wars on May the Fourth, but just how do you plan on doing so? We have five ways you can take part in the day to make it truly the best.

It’s here! Star Wars Day is upon us as we celebrate May the Fourth. It’s a pretty catchy play on the popular phrase and whoever was in charge of the marketing team that day deserves a big pat on back.

But how do you celebrate Star Wars Day? What do you actually need to do because it feels like we celebrate every day.

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Need some ideas? Well, here are five ways you can celebrate today.

Free Comic Book Day

This year, Free Comic Book Day happens to land on May 4. I recommended going to FCBD any year, but this year will be great because along with all the free comics you can get, which include Riverdale, Buffy, Stranger Things and so much more, there is also a Star Wars comic available.

IDW Publishing is putting out a Star Wars Adventures comic. The Star Wars Adventures comics aren’t considered canon, buy they are fun. They also feature characters from throughout the saga, not focusing on any era of group of characters.

The Star Wars Adventures comic available is written by Cavan Scott, who also wrote Dooku: Jedi Lost, and features Han and Chewie on a mission.

Even beyond just getting a free comic, FCBD is always a good day in the shop filled with fellow comic fans, giveaways and, sometimes, treats. Go enjoy yourself around fellow nerds.