Star Wars: Did Mark Hamill really blow a blood vessel? Actor tells the story


Star Wars actor Mark Hamill confirmed a rumor that he burst a blood vessel during the filming of A New Hope.

When asked if he blew a blood vessel in the original Star Wars film, Mark Hamill took to Twitter to confirm the long-standing rumor.

"“I purposely made myself red-faced for a strangulated look, causing a blood vessel in my eye to burst. Afterwards-they had to shoot carefully to hide it until I healed. George told me I should’ve asked him 1st because w/ the lighting & red-filters it made no difference. #TrueStory”"

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We all know the scene–Luke, Han, Leia, and Chewie trying to delay the inevitable. Luke gets dragged under and under again and by the time it’s all over, he probably smells like Jabba the Hutt’s toilet.

After seeing Hamill explain it, it’s really impressive and believable that he went this route. The man made his face go red to give the look of strangulation. That tells me that even though the scene, down to its core, is ridiculous, he still took it seriously enough and made it what it is now–a truly memorable sequence.

It’s also believable because–well, it’s Mark Hamill. If you’ve seen this man transform into the Joker for Batman: The Animated Series, you know how crazy he can get when in character. To me, it’s no surprise that he was doing the same thing over 40 years ago.

Hamill kind of set the record straight here as the fan said that he blew the blood vessel trying to hold his breath underwater. You gotta love Hamill for regularly engaging with fans, both on Twitter an in person. We all love the whole Star Wars family, but I think Hamill is different from the rest of the crew because of things like this.

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