Star Wars: Is it possible that it’s Yoda’s fault the Sith returned?


One new Star Wars theory suggests that Yoda is at fault for allowing the Sith to return. At least that’s the way it may seem in Dooku: Jedi Lost.

Yoda, the all-knowing, all-telling, all-teaching Jedi may have been too arrogant to sense the Sith could possibly return. In Star Wars, the little Jedi Master did speak of a  “clouded” future. While it is possible Darth Sidious was able to block Yoda from seeing the Sith return, the fault may lie with Yoda — as a recent post on Screen Rant suggests.

In the Dooku: Jedi Lost book written by Cavan Scott, we learned the Sith have been missing for a thousand years. They were never going to be gone for good. In the book Yoda was very strongly asked to view the power of Sith artifacts. Yoda declined to do such thing.

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Flash forward to his years spent on Dagobah. Yoda would have had ample time to really digest what had happened to the Jedi Order, hiwch is why he is able to warn Luke Skywalker of the dark side danger in The Empire Strikes Back. One can only come to the conclusion he also had talks with the Force ghost of Obi-Wan Kenobi as he would echo Yoda’s words.

In the prequel trilogy, Yoda could sense something was not right with Anakin Skywalker. That he was close to the dark side. No telling for sure that Yoda knew then the Sith could return. Now we do know that Sidious and Darth Maul were planing to make that announcement up close and personal.

Maul said, “At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi, at last we will have revenge.”

Yoda being all knowing had to sense it. If he simply turned a blind eye to it than it was his failure.

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Do you think Yoda is at fault for allowing the Sith to return or not doing anything about it?