Which Star Wars character does your mom remind you of?


Does your mother remind of a Star Wars character? There are lot of women in the universe who have so many motherly traits.

It is Mother’s Day, a day to celebrate mom’s all over the world. The Star Wars universe has no shortage of great, strong female characters. In fact, there are characters who strongly resemble moms worldwide.

Perhaps, your mom is close to Jyn Erso, somewhat of a loner but it does not make her weak. In fact she plays a pivotal role in organizing the Rebel Alliance. She does her job and sacrifices herself for the greater cause. A trait common in mothers.

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Princess Leia, one of the most iconic characters. She did a lot: hid the Death Star plans in R2-D2, shared a harsh word with Darth Vader, led Han Solo when he did not think he needed to be led and choked Jabba the Hutt to death to save herself and her friends. Like many moms out there, Leia has a laser focus.

How about Padme Amidala? She served as queen and was a diplomat, not too mention strong with a blaster. Who has not had a mom that did not teach us how to be diplomatic in certain situations?

Mon Monthma was of fierce loyalty. She brought order in the middle of battle and implemented strategies to help the Alliance stay one step ahead of Emperor Palpatine. Again there are many moms who stay ahead of others and offer strategies for life.

There are many, many more in both Star Wars films and the EU. Ladies have a special place in the universe and certainly in our lives. Maybe put in a Star Wars movie (if mom permits) and watch with her. Tell her she reminds you of a character. She may not mind.

It might be a bit late, but here’s a gift guide for those mom’s who love a galaxy far, far away.

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Which character does your mom remind you of?