Some Star Wars fans just watch the movies; That’s perfectly OK


Do you only watch the Star Wars movies? That’s OK because you’re a fan too. Fans come in all shapes and colors, and consume content how they want.

As a kid, I watched Star Wars with an intense fasciation. It was this larger-than-life story happening in real time of something that I could only picture in my dreams.

The movies were with me when I moved as an adult, becoming my favorite choice when I needed something to watch. I loved sharing it with my younger family members, getting them to love and learn about the movies as well.

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But for a very long time, it was only about the movies. And that was OK.

Now, I devour the books, watch the animated series, scan the comics and can’t wait for everything Disney+ will give us about Star Wars.

However, there are still so many fans that only watch the movies.

Again, that’s OK.

Being a fan of just the movies doesn’t make anyone less of a fans. The movies are the central component to the franchise with all the other tributaries being built off the original series.

The eventual nine episodic films all tell the story of the Skywalker Saga. The anthology movies have their ties to what happened in the original trilogy. We learned more about the time period surrounding the movies from The Clone Wars and Rebels.

The now-Legend books went off on so many tangents, they are a delight to read, but now have some similarities to what is considered canon – or none at all. The current canon books have been good, but rarely give us new characters. Mostly they are also tied to the bigger story as a whole.

One of the reasons I’m looking forward to what’s to come in 2022 and beyond is the new stories for Star Wars movies. There is a whole galaxy out there of stories waiting to be told with new characters and places.

This will expand the franchise in a bigger way because so many who love the movies only consume the movies.

It’s one of the reasons Darth Maul’s appearance at the end of Solo was such a big deal. Besides being a giant surprise, a large amount of Star Wars fans had no idea he was still alive in canon because they didn’t watch The Clone Wars.

Being just a fan of the movies doesn’t make any one less of a Star Wars fan.

Some are here just for the movies – and that’s OK.

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What’s your favorite movie in the franchise?