Matching Star Wars characters with their Game of Thrones counterparts

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Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back (1980). Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd., All Rights Reserved

Master Yoda and Bran Stark

Master Yoda and Bran Stark are both bundles of knowledge. They both essentially can see into the future, and have great knowledge of the past.

For Yoda, he’s able to sense so much because of his force abilities. For Bran, he’s able to see into the future and past because he has special powers as the Three-Eyed Raven.

Of course, Yoda is much older than Bran, however, if one is looking for knowledge and what is going to happen, both Yoda and Bran are the go-to guys. Bran may be young, but his power allows him to witness the experiences of one who is much older.

Yoda has done a lot more combat over the years being that he’s a Jedi, while Bran has not been on the battlefield much because he is unable to walk. But, it can’t be denied that these two are probably the wisest in each franchise.

Having so much information stored makes it clear that Master Yoda and Bran Stark are quite comparable in these separate universes.