Matching Star Wars characters with their Game of Thrones counterparts

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi..Rey (Daisy Ridley)..Photo: David James..©2017 Lucasfilm Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Rey and Arya Stark

Rey and Arya Stark both have this relentless characteristic. When in a situation, they will find a way out thanks to their skills and knowledge. Both are also excellent warriors.

In Star Wars, we see Rey have no problem wielding a lightsaber despite minimum training. As for Arya in Game of Thrones, she continues to become a fantastic fighter throughout the series, which leads to probably her biggest moment when she defeats the Night King.

Rey and Arya also both have confidence in themselves, which leads to their success. Rey believes she can put an end to the First Order and stop Kylo Ren from all the destruction.

Arya does not believe anyone can stop her in a sword fight, and when she sets her mind to something, she plans on achieving it.

Rey and Arya have also have come so far throughout their journeys.

Rey is originally just a scavenger, but now she has become apart of something much bigger that could potentially save the entire galaxy.

As for Arya, she’s just one of the younger Starks, who continues to progress into one of the most skilled fighters in the entire show.

Rey and Arya Stark have a lot of similar qualities, which is why the two are so comparable.