Star Wars fans petition to get a sequel for Solo: A Star Wars Story


A fan campaign has gained some traction online to get a sequel to last year’s Solo: A Star Wars Story. Here’s a breakdown of what happened.

This time last year, Solo: A Star Wars Story was released in theaters, as Disney pushed to see if the franchise could evolve to produce two movies per year. Unfortunately, Solo appeared to be set up for disaster from the start.

The movie ended up being the lowest grossing box office of any Star Wars film, and as a result, Disney opted to cancel all upcoming anthology films going forward, and after the release of The Rise of Skywalker in December, they will take a hiatus from making new films until 2022.

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Solo: A Star Wars Story’s struggles at the box office was mainly due to the competition in theaters at the time, as the film opened up against Avengers: Infinity War and Deadpool 2, which were two of the most popular films of 2018.

In addition, many fans were against seeing a Han Solo prequel to begin with, and there was a lot of turmoil behind the scenes of production, such as the original directors getting fired and extensive re-shoots. After The Last Jedi  was received with a mixed reaction by fans, a lot of Star Wars die-hards opted not to go see it in theaters, and all of this lead to the movie under performing.

Despite the turmoil regarding the movie’s production, the movie actually turned out alright. It was far from a perfect film, but it was an entertaining story and Alden Ehrenreich did as good a job as anyone could have hoped in the role of a young Han Solo.

This has sparked a group of Star Wars fans to start a campaign to convince Disney to give Solo: A Star Wars Story as sequel, with the #MakeSolo2Happen being used to help spread the word.

Star Wars fan podcast The Resistance Broadcast were the ones who started the campaign and as of Thursday, their wish has gained some traction.

As of Thursday Night, the #MakeSolo2Happen was one of the top trends in the United States, with the hashtag being retweeted over 24.1 K times.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing a sequel to Solo. On the whole, I did enjoy the movie, particularly Donald Glover’s performance as Lando Calrissian, and would love to see another adventure with him and Ehrenreich’s Han Solo.

A sequel would also allow us to see an earlier interaction of Han and other fan favorite characters from the original trilogy, such as Jabba the Hutt or maybe even Boba Fett, who’s solo movie was cancelled as a result of the Solo’s under performance at the box office.

I would also be curious to see what kind of pay off they had planned with Darth Maul, who’s cameo and reveal as the head of the Crimson Dawn syndicate was one of the most noteworthy parts of the movie.

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Would you guys be interested in seeing a sequel to Solo, or do you thing Disney should leave it alone? Leave your comments down below.