Star Wars: That wild rumor on Rey’s parents is debunked


With all the questions still lingering around Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, it means there are no shortage of rumors. Thankfully, the latest one on Rey’s parentage was quickly debunked.

We all know Rey’s parentage is a big question in Star Wars – it was our leading question in our latest Episode IX piece. But after everything that happened in The Last Jedi, the latest rumor gave a bit of a queasy stomach.

Thankfully, it was debunked quickly too.

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The rumor – and it was a giant rumor and not a leak – said Rey is Han’s daughter and not Leia’s. It implies Han stepped out on Leia and his extramarital affair resulted in Rey thus making Rey and Kylo half-siblings.

The same Rey and Kylo who had loads of sexual tension throughout The Last Jedi and we still don’t know where their path will lead.

Pablo Hidalgo, who is part of Lucasfilm’s story group, seemed to have shut down that rumor with this tweet where he explains the timeline for this happening does not fit.

Han and Leia had been together for most of the time between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. They split up just a few years before the start of TFA.

This rumor is terrible for a number of reasons.

First off. No.

I don’t really think incest was one way fans were rooting for this one to go down. There is incest in many others stories, especially Game of Thrones. There was also that moment when Leia and Luke kissed before anyone knew they were siblings.

My personal preference is to avoid that track altogether.

Secondly, it makes Han looked badly. This is a character that is dead and can’t redeem himself or correct the timeline. Everything we know about Han’s character goes against this too.

He might be a scoundrel, but he was pretty honorable and chose doing the right thing when it mattered most.

Also, Kylo could have easily given Rey that as the reason to stay in The Last Jedi. His selling point wouldn’t be to rule the galaxy together, but instead to be a family — the one thing she wants more than anything.

So while Rey’s parentage is a huge question mark, her being Han’s daughter is not the answer.

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