The Star Wars Father’s Day Gift Guide of 2019 is here


Time to find that perfect gift that expresses your love and gratitude towards the father or father figure in your life. Keep reading to find a list of Star Wars-themed items in this year’s Father’s Day gift guide.

It’s the holiday that celebrates fathers and father figures. Whether they will be a father for the first time or have been for several years, it is time to celebrate! What better way to celebrate than with unique and thoughtful Star Wars themed gifts?

From clothing to rollerball pens, artwork, and even LEGO the following Star Wars-themed gifts may be just what you are looking for to make dad’s special day a little more magical beginning with a gift that is both stylish and functional.

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Cross Star Wars Series Rollerball and Fountain Pens

You’ve never seen pens like these! Cross, currently has thirteen Star Wars Series Rollerball pens in stock, (sorry the Townsend® Star Wars™ Limited-Edition Chewbacca™ Rollerball Pen is out of stock), themed after several Star Wars characters. Characters include Boba Fett, Han Solo, R2-D2 and Darth Vader.

Ten of the thirteen pens are limited edition and dare I say look like the nicest pens I have ever seen. However, this sleek style will cost a pretty penny for these Rollerball and Fountain pens. The website does provide very detailed images of every pen, thoroughly explaining each character alongside a brief summary of the finish and tip of the pen.

"“Since Richard Cross made the first Cross product in 1846, we have re-invented the writing instrument category, combining design ingenuity with jewelry-quality craftsmanship. We were America’s first manufacturer of quality writing instruments, and that means that we’ve been making pens people use, depend on and enjoy for a long time.”"

Cost: Range from $85-$604.00

Master & Apprentice (B&N Exclusive Edition) (Star Wars)

With seven reviews thus far on the Barnes and Noble website, the Master & Apprentice by Claudia Gray takes readers back to when Obi-Wan Kenobi is a Padawan with Qui-Gon Jinn as his Jedi Master. The Wookieepedia page provides the publisher’s summary, which includes the following details:

"Master Yoda trained Dooku; Dooku trained Qui-Gon Jinn; and now Qui-Gon has a Padawan of his own. But while Qui-Gon has faced all manner of threats and danger as a Jedi, nothing has ever scared him like the thought of failing his apprentice."

Sounds like a real page-turner that will surely keep anyone interested in learning more about the Jedi life of Qui-Gon and inexperienced times of Obi-Wan before the duo meets Anakin Skywalker in The Phantom Menace. Liam Neeson and Ewan McGregor look positively exquisite on the cover, bringing instant Star Wars prequel nostalgic feelings.

Cost: $23.19 (Hardcover), $14.99 (eBook), $32.14 (Audiobook)

Darth Vader Welcome to the Dark Side Doormat

At least your father can provide fair warning to visitors with this gift. In case anyone had any doubts as to what side of the Force your family represented, ThinkGeek provided an excellent solution.

This 17″ long x 29″ wide doormat may not be the subtlest way to express Star Wars style but it does get the message across. This doormat is officially licensed Star Wars merchandise.

The doormat proudly says, “Welcome to the Dark Side” with an image of Darth Vader’s infamous helmet. It’s a simple, useful yet powerful gift that will grab anyone’s attention.

Cost: $24.99

Darth Vader I am your Father/Father of the Year Clothing

With Star Wars so prominent in today’s culture, it is very hard to spotlight certain items over others, which is why I decided to present the Box Lunch merchandise as a whole to let shoppers pick clothing items that they believe will make great gifts.

The selection is pretty large with T-shirts and Long-Sleeve shirts channeling mostly Darth Vader in interesting styles, colors, and fonts. No Darth Vader clothing can be complete without the classic, “I am your father” quote. But if you are looking for more of a traditional shirt, the “Best Dad Ever” quote may suffice.

The only question is how will you choose which clothing item is worthy enough?

Cost: prices range from $23.12 to $27.92.

Star Wars Patents Set of 3 Prints, Star Wars Prints, Star Wars Posters, Star Wars Blueprints, Star Wars Wall Art, Patent Poster #133

Is your dad looking to add some new decor to his home office? Five-star rated, DavesOffice on has sets of three Star Wars prints including Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon. Choose from eight paper colors, printed on “professional paper”.

Each print provides several angles and points of view appearing as though you are looking at the very blueprints of the Millennium Falcon or Y-Wing. It gives the print a more realistic look and feel. Why should you choose DavesOffice for such detailed work? As Dave says on his Etsy store:

"“I personally select each patent and do digital restoration. All patent are restored and digitally enhanced to remove most imperfection and flaws while maintaining the integrity of the original document.”"

Cost: prices range from $14.28 to $189.84 (depending on the dimensions)

Master-Apprentice Star Wars Family Matching-Father and Son Matching-Father and Daughter Matching-Dad and Son Matching-Dad and Daughter

Father’s will not be able to resist a smile once they match their little son or daughter in some adorable clothing. Artistshot on sells matching parent-child outfits with the parent’s T-Shirt appropriately titled Master and the child titled Apprentice.

Select your style and color and introduce the youngling to a galaxy far, far away. Below the Printing Technique information section, are sections that explain each style feature from a Unisex Tee for the parent to a Toddler T-Shirt for the child.

While visiting Artistshot, check out their other matching clothing that includes images of bears, tacos, taquito and dragons for the Game of Thrones fans.

Cost: prices range from $16.99 to $20.99 (depending on option and size)

Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter™

For a gift that fathers can do with their children, check out the LEGO Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter. At 4.6 stars out of 5 stars this set will take both dad and kids back to the beginnings of Luke Skywalker using the Force to destroy the Death Star. For ages 8-14, this set comes with Luke Skywalker, R2-D2, Biggs Darklighter and R2-Q2.

LEGO also states, “Weapons include Luke’s Lightsaber and blaster pistol, and Biggs’ blaster pistol.”

With 730 pieces inside, the hours will tick away as new memories are made building and creating together. Use the Force and save the galaxy like Luke Skywalker!

Cost: $79.99

Star Wars™ Han Solo™ in Carbonite Magnetic Bottle Opener

Last but not least Hallmark brings fans the Han Solo in Carbonite Magnetic Bottle Opener. This gift details one of Han Solo’s most iconic and tragic moments in Star Wars to date. Who could forget that fateful moment Leia confessed her love to Han only to then watch him be frozen in carbonite to be delivered to Jabba the Hutt towards the ending of The Empire Strikes Back?

This product will surely bring back a lot of memories while also being useful for opening those cold drinks on a warm day.

Cost: $22.99

There were more gifts I wanted to mention such as the Star Wars Solo Lando Bottle Stopper and the Star Wars Choose Your Side Lounge Pants however those items are already sold out. With that being said, do not wait until it is too late.

Enjoy the holiday, make new memories and perhaps one day “rule the galaxy as father and son!”

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Which of these gifts for Father’s Day are your favorite? Leave your answer in the comments below. I look forward to reading them!