Star Wars: 5 reasons we need a sequel to Solo now

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Photo credit: Lucasfilm/Solo: A Star Wars Story

Darth Maul and Crimson Dawn

You can’t pop up with a cameo like Maul and then do nothing with it. That’s just down right mean.

For all the Star Wars fans who didn’t watch The Clone Wars, they had no idea the red and black Sith lord was still alive. The last any one remembered of him, he was falling down a shaft in two pieces.

But Maul popped up in Solo, looking a little worse for wear. Still, he was there and a collective group of Star Wars fans gasped at his entry into the movie.

Now what?

That’s the questions fans have.

Any Solo sequel that arrives — and there should be one — needs to include Maul and the Crimson Dawn crime syndicate. While Qi’Ra protected Han from Maul, Han was never good at staying off people’s radar.

He likely would cross paths of Crimson Dawn once or twice again with Maul trying to get to the bottom of the issues arising within his group. All signs would point to Han Solo whose good-natured cockiness wouldn’t sit right with the Dathomir.

Yes, if we only needed one reason for a Solo sequel, it would be to have more of Maul. But instead, we gave five reasons — of which I’m sure there are writers and members of the Lucasfilm story group who could think of even more.

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