Lets talk about that June Battlefront update (Its impressive. Most impressive.)


The newest update for Battlefront II is bringing a long-awaited addition to the game. June 26 can’t come here soon enough.

The Battlefront II community transmission for June just dropped and it is impressive. Most impressive…

To say that Battlefront II has gotten their act together since first launching in Fall of 2017 may be an overstatement, but this most recent announcement certainly helps to make that case.

First and foremost, we are FINALLY getting droidekas as reinforcements. Perhaps the most asked for addition to this game, droidekas will be joining the fight when the next update, aptly title “Where Are Those Droidekas?”, lands later this month on June 26.

As a counter to the Separatist’s new reinforcement unit, the Republic will also be receiving the TX-130 tank as a new reinforcement available to them. While many players may have been hoping for clone commandos to join the Grand Army, surely plenty will be enthused to see the return of this popular vehicle from the original Battlefront games.

Also included in the “Where Are Those Droidekas?” update are three new appearances: General Skywalker for Anakin, the 41st Scout Battalion, and the 212th Recon Division.

The General Skywalker appearance is based off of Anakin’s outfit for the majority of The Clone Wars television series and has long been requested by the community. It will be available for 1,000 crystals or 40,000 credits.

The 41st Scout Battalion appearance for the Republic is based off of the Scout division of the 41st Elite Corps, which appeared during the Battle of Kashyyyk in Revenge of the Sith, while the 212th Recon Division is based on their appearance during the second Battle of Geonosis in the Clone Wars television series.

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The 41st Scout Battalion appearance will be available for 1,000 crystals or 40,000 credits and will be classified as Epic, while the 212th Recon Division appearance will be available for 500 crystals or 20,000 credits and will be classified as Rare.

Rounding out the June 26 update is the addition of Naboo to the list of Capital Supremacy maps, bringing this mode to a grand total of four maps for the time being.

Finally, this latest community transmission also provided a glimpse into the future of Battlefront II, specifically confirming the ferocious jungle world of Felucia will be introduced in the Fall of this year. Specifically, it will be brought in as a fifth map for the popular Capital Supremacy mode.

A piece of concept art for this upcoming map was released alongside the transmission, which can be seen here.

Last but certainly not least, a tease for future game modes was included as well, perhaps hinting at an upcoming mode similar to the classic Galactic Conquest mode found in the original games? Specifically, the transmission states:

"We’ve talked a bit about Capital Supremacy over the last few months. The feedback we’ve received has been hugely valuable, as has all the discussion around game modes in general. As we move through the summer we play to add new ways to play epic battles, for players who want something besides traditional PvP. We’ll have more to share on this later in the year."

This most recent onslaught of Battlefront news is a surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one.

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What are your thoughts on this most recent transmission? What are you most excited to see? Will this bring you back to Battlefront II?