Breakdown of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order gameplay reveal

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EA gave us our first look at game-play from the upcoming video game, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Here are a few of the highlights.

Last March at Star Wars celebration, fans were given their first look at the upcoming video gameStar Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, releasing a cinematic trailer to showcase the game’s graphics and introduce us to the story, including the main character Cal.

Aside from the reveal trailer and a few promotional images, not much else had been released about the game, including any game play footage.

On Saturday, EA finally gave fans its first taste of game-play from Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, live-streaming it online along with several of its other significant upcoming games, after which, it uploaded the game-play to the EA Star Wars Youtube channel.

The game-play shown is of a mission where Cal is working with a squadron of Rebels, lead by Saw Gerrera, to infiltrate an Imperial Base on a forest planet to free a group of Wookiees imprisoned by the Empire. The rebels create a distraction so Cal can sneak into the base, along with his droid BD-1, who rides on Cal’s back and can be used to hack into equipment.

Based off of what was revealed in the trailer, this mission likely occurs later in the game’s story, after Cal’s identity as a former Padawan has been revealed and he is being hunted by the Empire, leading to him joining up with the Rebellion to help take them down.

The graphics of this game-play admittedly appear to be a bit worse than that of that shown in the cinematic trailer, and are more along the lines of what we have seen in Battlefront II. None the less, graphics are secondary when compared to how the game plays and its mechanics.

The footage shown reveals a lot about the game’s mechanics. The player games from a third-person perspective, with the primary weapons being the use of a blue, single-blade lightsaber, as well as the use of the force.

The lightsaber combat is similar to what we have seen in previous Star Wars games, with the main use being either hand-to-hand combat, deflecting blaster bolts back at the opposing shooter or throwing the lightsaber at an opponent from long-range.

There are a few new force abilities revealed in this footage. While things like the “force push” are returning from previous games, new abilities such as a “force pull” are shown, where the player pulls an opponent from long-range towards themselves to be impaled by the lightsaber. The player may also use the force to throw objects at opponents to incapacitate them.

There is also a new “slowed time” feature shown off in the game-play, which shows the player moving to dodge a blaster shot and attack the shooter at a slower speed than normal.

In addition to combat, both the force and player’s lightsaber are used for other purposes as well. For example, the player will use the lightsaber to illuminate a dimly lit area, and the force can be used to pull vines towards the player allowing them to swing over areas, or stop moving objects in order to pass them.

The player can also run along the sides of walls, jump great distances, and climb up or across walls to move around the imperial base.