Breakdown of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order gameplay reveal

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As for the opponents, a variety are shown in the game-play footage

The most common enemies were the classic uniformed Stormtroopers, as well as scout troopers, similar to those from Return of the Jedi. Of the enemies shown, these appear to be the easiest to defeat, with many of them going down after one or two hits.

When fighting these Stormtroopers, you see a good level of detail in the actual combat of the game. For example, when a Stormtrooper is impaled or has a limb cut off by the player’s lightsaber, you see the aftermath of the carnage and the details of how the enemy was defeated, rather than just hitting them with a lightsaber and them falling down.

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Other more difficult enemies the player face are Inquistiors, who as we saw in the cinematic trailer, wield an electrostaff, and have a considerably higher amount of health, with the player needing more time and creative offense to defeat them.

The player will also come face-to-face with two giant alien spiders, which also have considerably more health than the stormtroopers, and these too will need to be defeated before the player freed the Wookiees from imprisonment.

The last part of the sequence is the player being attacked by an Imperial Security Droid, similar to K-2SO from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, although the footage from that mission ends there so it is unknown what the combat against it will be like, although this appears to be a “boss battle” so this will likely be a difficult enemy to defeat.

At the conclusion of the footage, a few short clips of other scenes from the game are revealed, showcasing several of the different locations and opponents the player can expect to encounter.

This includes Cal fighting with another Imperial Security Droid in what appears to be a storage area, fighting a stormtrooper wielding a “mini-gun”-like blaster in a location similar to the exterior of the base at the start of the footage, and the player getting shot at be an Imperial AT-ST.

Overall, this game-play looked very promising, and I’m sure there is much more innovation in the game than what was revealed to us today. The action and combat displayed looked very good and offered a few new features, while still being grounded and not to over powered, and I really enjoyed the detail put into it.

It was also good to see previously established characters from the movies such as Saw Gerrera, and this makes me hopeful that we may run into other familiar faces as the game progresses. Fingers crossed that we get travel to Dagobah to train with Yoda or maybe even fight with Darth Vader at some point in the story.

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