Ranked: Top 5 most lethal local fighting forces of the Clone Wars

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4. The Umbaran Militia

As if the Republic didn’t already have enough to worry about during their assault on Umbara, the “Shadow People” who inhabited the planet certainly provided more than their fair share of resistance to the Republic alongside the ferocious fauna and mutinous leaders which plagued this horrific campaign.

The Umbaran militia combined advanced technology, which surpassed even that of the Republic at the time, with ingenious tactics that ultimately resulted in an incredibly effective defense against the Republic invasion.

Among the more deadly weapons in the Umbaran arsenal were the Umbaran Impeding Assault tanks, which were capable of subterranean travel in order to get behind enemy lines. From there, these centipede-like tanks were armed with a total of 16 blaster cannons in order to inflict maximum damage upon their enemies.

Similar in design to the Impeding Assault tank, the Umbaran militia also featured millicreep droids in their arsenal against the Republic. These droids were approximately a foot and a half long and were armed with an electrified tail, making them an idyllic stealth weapon to deploy on the battlefield.

In addition to their advanced weaponry, the Umbarans also made use of biological enhancements that heightened the reflexes and aggression levels of their soldiers. Between the savagely hostile environment, near total darkness, traitorous leadership, and highly advanced abilities of the Umbaran militia, the Republic’s campaign on Umbara in the distant expansion region of the galaxy was practically doomed to failure from its conception.