Star Wars: Emma Thompson wanted to be in the new trilogy


Emma Thompson is a Star Wars fan and wanted to be in the movies. But she didn’t get the answer she wanted to hear.

Actress Emma Thompson joins a long list of actors who have wanted to be in Star Wars.

The British actress revealed her wish in an interview with Wired on Wednesday when one of the questions in the Autocomplete interview asked, “Is Emma Thompson in Star Wars?

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Oh, this felt like a touchy subject as Thompson’s eyes widened and she said, “NO! No.”

Then she told a story:

"“My agent actually said to the last people who were making the last Star Wars … she would be really interested in being in Star Wars. I actually really like Star Wars, but they said no. I’m not in Star Wars because they don’t want me to be in Star Wars.”"

Thompson is not bitter at all. But Mindy Kaling, who did the interview with her, had an idea that Thompson could be a wizened Jedi to help the younger Jedi find their path.

But Thompson had a different idea:

"“Or I could be Jabba the Hutt’s handmaiden.”"

Oh, Emma.

Watch the full video here:

But, in reality, while Emma Thompson would have been an interesting person to be in the movies, I’m not sure where she would have fit in. The one role I could see her playing would have been of Vice Admirial Holdo, who was portrayed by Laura Dern.

Perhaps, Lucasfilm already had Dern up for the part or the powers that be wanted to go in a different direction. Or, The Last Jedi was not the movie Thompson was even talking about.

Although with all the content that will be coming out in the next several years, there may be a place for her yet.

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What do you think of Emma Thompson wanting to be in the new trilogy? Could you see her in a galaxy far, far away?