Star Wars: 5 reasons The Mandalorian will bring back the lost fans

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HOLLYWOOD, CA – JUNE 28: Jon Favreau attends the premiere of Columbia Pictures’ “Spider-Man: Homecoming” at TCL Chinese Theatre on June 28, 2017 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Jon Favreau’s vision

As as actor, fans know Jon Favreau from dozens of movie and TV shows. He’s also no stranger to Star Wars having done voicework in the movies and animated series.

He’s done so much more as a director and producer, including directing Iron Man and Iron Man 2. Favreau brought the start of the Marvel movies with his vision for Iron Man, which received great reviews and re-igniting the career of Robert Downey Jr.

If you look at Favreau’s movies, he’s directed Elf, The Jungle Book, and the upcoming live-action The Lion King. If you’ve watched any of those movies, you can see that Favreau sees things a little differently. He’s able to envision scenes and moments while getting the most out of the actors.

But what you also see is the love of the content he is producing. Favreau loves Star Wars too and you can see that with the little Easter Eggs he has posted on his Instagram to get fans excited about the upcoming show.

Even the sneak peek of The Mandalorian during Star Wars Celebration showed just how much thought and care he put into everything with creating models of ships. Also, you have the way the Bryce Dallas Howard or Werner Herzog have lauded Favreau over the way he has used technology in the series.