Star Wars: 5 reasons The Mandalorian will bring back the lost fans

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The Mandalorian. Photo credit: Lucasfilm

Love of Star Wars

We touched on it before, but Jon Favreau loves Star Wars. I mean, LOVES STAR WARS!

He’s done the voice in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Solo: A Star Wars Story. He’s been vocal on his love for Star Wars, which brings us back to The Mandalorian.

Having been a fan of the original movies, Favreau wants to keep the feel of The Mandalorian similar George Lucas’s original movies created 40-plus years ago. In an interview with James Cameron with the Directors Guild of America, he said he wants to keep it low-budget similar to Star Wars with great effects.

Favreau isn’t relying on CGI or massive effects. But he is using technology to create a compelling look to the first live-action Star Wars series.

His love of Star Wars runs deep too. We saw it with the small things he’s added to The Mandalorian such as Boba Fett’s tuning fork from the holiday special, using a similar droid to IG-88, and also bringing George Lucas on set.

The thing that seems important is that Favreau will create a TV series that he will want to watch, and as a Star Wars fan that’s what others are going to want to see.